Investor relations

Voluntary Offer NBI

Solør Bioenergi Holding AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ), announces that it has decided to make a conditional offer to acquire all outstanding shares in Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS (the Company) on certain terms and conditions (the Offer). The Offer is contingent upon several conditions, including financing, ordinary course of […]

Press release interim report Q3

Solør Bioenergy Group continues its operational improvements during the third quarter 2016 compared to the same period last year • The third quarter of 2016 was characterized by substantially warmer weather in comparison to the same period during the previous year. • Despite the warmer weather, net sales increased by 2 percent compared with last […]

Solør Bioenergy Group – Update on refinancing

PRESS RELEASE – 28 September 2016 Solør Bioenergy Group hereby informs that it within its ordinary business has initiated the evaluation of different refinancing opportunities. Solør Bioenergy Group will provide more information on its refinancing within due course. Solør Bioenergy Group comprises bioenergy companies which are providing essential energy services in Sweden, Norway and Poland. […]

Press release – Interim figures Q2 2016

Solør Bioenergy Group is influenced by warmer weather in the second quarter 2016 compared to the same period last year. Download PDF

Interim report Q2 and first half year 2016

Solør Bioenergy Group – Interim report for the second quarter and first half year of 2016 January – June 2016 Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ), Corp. Reg. No. 556907-9535 Stockholm, August 17, 2016 Download PDF

Notice to Oslo Stock Exchange

Solör Bioenergi Holding AB – Change in Group Management Florian Raitner has been appointed new CFO for the Solör Bioenergy Group as per July 8th 2016. Mr. Raitner has had a position as Vice President of Finance where he has been responsible for M&A and Corporate Finance the last five years. “We wish Florian all […]

Notice to Oslo Stock Exchange

Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ) – SEK Bonds listed at Oslo Børs on May 6, 2016 Oslo Børs has approved the listing application regarding the SEK 950 million senior secured bonds 2014/2019 (ISIN SE 000599968.7) issued by Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ). The first day of trading in the bonds will be May 6, 2016. […]

Solør Bioenergy Group interim report Q1 2016

Solør Bioenergy Group continues operational improvements during first quarter 2016 The Group continues to show improvements in today’s published Interim report for the first quarter 2016: Download Pressrelease » Download interim report Q1 »

Approval of prospectus

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Listing Application

Notice to Oslo Stock Exchange 2 May 2016 Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ) – Application to list the SEK Bonds at Oslo Børs At the request of Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ) (the «Issuer»), the agent for the bondholders, Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ), has approved that the Issuer applies for listing of its […]


  • Green Finance Framework certificate5 oktober, 2020 - 12:47

    In the Solör Group, we strive to have a fossil-free production of energy with an ambition to be climate neutral. By producing renewable energy and recycling hazardous wood waste, we wish to promote the transition towards an environmentally sustainable society. We are actively working to increase the proportion of biofuels, minimize the share of fossil […]

  • Solör Bioenergy acquires Vasa Värme3 juni, 2020 - 09:11

    Solör Bioenergy acquires Vasa Värme and thus continues the Group’s defined growth strategy. Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that it has acquired Vasa Värme. Vasa Värme comprises of six renewable district heating power plants in Sweden and accounts for an energy delivery of approx. 140 GWh. Vasa Värme delivers renewable energy to approx. 1 000 […]

  • Solör Bioenergy establish a new finance structure25 mars, 2020 - 10:23

    Solör Bioenergy forms a new group finance structure for the entire company. The new group finance structure consists of a syndicate of 6 international banks to further strengthen the Group’s growth strategy. Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that it completed a refinancing for the entire Group. The new financing structure includes a Senior Facility as […]

  • Med bakgrunn i den pågående situasjonen med spredning av Corona-viruset (Covid – 19)24 mars, 2020 - 11:05

    For oss er våre ansattes, kunders og samarbeidspartneres sikkerhet og helse av største betydning. Vi følger derfor Helsemyndighetenes retningslinjer og hva de sier om utviklingen av situasjonen om Covid -19. Våre ansatte er informert om at de skal holde seg hjemme fra arbeid dersom de har symptomer som stemmer overens med Covid-19. Vi gjør vårt […]

  • Interim report for the fourth quarter and full year 201919 mars, 2020 - 11:34

    Solør Bioenergy Group – Interim report for the fourth quarter and full year 2019.

  • Polhem Infra acquires equity stake in Solör Bioenergy Group6 november, 2019 - 18:35

    Solör Bioenergy Group attracts the Infrastructure investor Polhem Infra as a long-term equity partner to further strengthen its successful growth strategy within district heating and renewable bioenergy in Sweden and Norway. Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that Polhem Infra, wholly owned by the Swedish State Pension Funds AP1, AP3 and AP4, has acquired 21.45% of […]

  • Solør Bioenergy Group – Change in the main shareholder’s ownership structure14 juni, 2019 - 09:35

    The main shareholder of Solør Bioenergy Group (SBG) in Sweden, BE Bio Energy Group (BEG) in Switzerland, announced today its purchase of Socael AS shares in BEG. BEG announced today its purchase of all Socael’s shares in BEG. Socael has been an important financial investor in BEG during the last 10 years and has been […]

  • Solør Bioenergy Group concludes its strategic review15 april, 2018 - 20:00

    Today the owners and the board of directors of Solør Bioenergy Group announced that the strategic review of the Group has been concluded. Solør Bioenergy Group initiated a review in the fall 2017 to evaluate the future strategy of the Group. The Group engaged SEB Corporate Finance as financial advisors for the assignment. ‘’We have […]

  • Solør Bioenergi kjøper Pemco Energi2 mars, 2018 - 13:00

    Solør Bioenergi vokser i Sverige og Norge gjennom oppkjøpet av Pemco Energi fra det norske investeringsselskapet Pemco. – Vi har i lang tid fulgt med på utviklingen til Pemco Energi, og må si vi er imponert over den posisjonen selskapet har fått innen trebasert bioenergi i Norge og Sverige. Dessuten komplementerer Pemcos kundeportefølje Solørs forretningsmodell […]

  • Årsredovisning SBH AB – 201628 april, 2017 - 22:38

    Årsredovisning 2016 för Solör Bioenergi Holding AB. Ladda ner årsredovisningen här