Annual Green Finance Reporting 2022 - Solör Bioenergi

Annual Green Finance Reporting 2022

In the Solör Group, we strive to have a fossil-free production of energy with an ambition to be climate neutral. By producing renewable energy and recycling hazardous wood waste, we wish to promote the transition towards an environmentally sustainable society. We are actively working to increase the proportion of biofuels, minimize the share of fossil fuels, reduce electricity consumption and increase efficiency in our production of energy.

Our operations require compliance with strict environmental regulations and codes in the countries where we operate, as well as permits and licenses. To ensure a consistently high quality, we benchmark our production facilities to identify improvement areas and implement best practice processes for all plants. To reduce our electricity use, we are installing metering devices to monitor electricity use, we are enhancing the efficiency of existing flue gas condensers, pumps, fans and compressors, and we are installing LED lighting.

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